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HomePipe for HTC HD7

Released: Oct 25, 2010
Trial Available: YES
Package Size: 1.56 MB
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HomePipe for HTC HD7 Description

The HomePipe Application for Windows Phone 7 lets you get all your content, without hassles!

By using the storage on your home network, HomePipe saves you time and money. No duplicating files. No new equipment. No storage limits.

HomePipe is free and lets you enjoy ALL your content — photos, videos, music, and more — from anywhere.

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HomePipe for HTC HD7 Reviews

  • Nice when it works. About half the time it can't connect to my desktop. Great idea though. Very useful.
  • by jbradmcpherson
  • Had a little trouble figuring it out at first, but then read no video streaming, only audio... It works ok, a little slow to dl the songs but it does work on my Samsung focus Con: I could not look at my phone's files at all :(
  • by BradM32751
  • Not a good experience so far, my audio folders show empty in Homepipe. Will keep looking at
  • by rhj033
  • Good for accessing data files. Misleading with the free statement though. 23.99 Annually, I'll be uninstalling now. Thanks for the 10 measly accesses a month.
  • by CutoffToe53
  • Awesome, can drill down into network drives folders, etc. Good support
  • by X360Hutch
  • No, it is not free! They offer it as being completely free but, it's not. Just recently it now tells me I only have 9 uses left or I can subscribe for an annual rate of about $30. I don't like being mislead.
  • by tsway2008
  • Server busy: common error. Not free at all
  • by lieu2011trung
  • Sucks
  • Not what I was expecting. Where's the REAL ipv6 homegroup streaming app?
  • by KillEmAll747
  • Not what I expected for a yearly cost. But MS Mesh could learn from the app.
  • by RealMcCoy67

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